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Our Story!


I'm Joanne Jarrett, a family physician on my 19th year of maternity leave and mom to two daughters, 16 and 18. I am married to a whip-smart, funny, and mischievous husband, Scott, who keeps me on my toes and never lets life get boring. I podcast at the Fancy Free Podcast where my guests and I tell our most embarrassing funny stories so we all feel less alone in our imperfections. We laugh our heads off! I blog at Cozy Clothes Blog, and I'm a reluctant part time dental assistant in our mobile root canal practice. I wear a lot of hats! 

When I'm not cramming 16 hats on my head, I love to sew, hunt for primitive antiques, run half marathons (REAL slow, don't you DARE be impressed!) and wrap beautiful gifts (I may have a ribbon and paper problem). Oh! And I love to eat. LOVE.


I don’t know a single woman who doesn’t want to rip off her underwire bra the minute she walks through her door. But I also don’t know many who are totally comfortable hanging around with NO support and coverage. I mean, what if the doorbell rings, God forbid?! What if your kids have friends over? After years of googling “shelf bra pajamas” and “shelf bra nightgown” and coming up with nothing except slinky lingerie (please!!! Who wants to deal with their dishues in slinky lingerie? Sheesh!), I had no choice by to take matters in my own hands!


We need a little coverage and support despite that fact that the bra is “off the team” at home. I had discovered shelf-bra camis and began wearing them as loungewear and pajamas. I could never figure out why this concept wasn’t expanded into other pieces. I envisioned something that feels and looks great to wear in the no-bra-zone but that is fit for public consumption should the need arise (I know I’m not the only one who occasionally wears my pajamas to school drop-off!).

I designed and made the first prototype of Shelfies in my home sewing room. I named them Shelfies because of the “shelf bra” inside layer. All women know what this is, but the term baffles men, which is ok! This stuff is for women! And not all shelf bras are created equally, if you know what I mean. I set out to design the perfectly soft but flattering shelf that has just enough thickness for coverage (no one needs a push up or 1 inch thick cup at home!) and enough separation to look great (to avoid that loaf-of-bread look). I drew up the six pieces I wanted in my at-home wardrobe and then worked with a specialty pattern maker. We came up with soft, cozy clothes with the perfect amount of support and coverage, and each outfit has a phone pocket!


I have written some blog posts about the process along the way. If you are curious about the process I went through between the initial idea and the first pattern, you can check that out here. To learn more about my journey to a trademark, read this article (don’t worry, it’ short). To hear more about the pieces in the collection, the patterns, the fabrics, and the fit samples, click here. And to see a quick recap of the photo shoot, jump over to this article. It has been so much fun! I told Scott that I think I have earned at least a few honorary degrees. I’ve taken many classes, both online and in person (in San Francisco and Oakland), and I have done a ton of googling. I’m like a whole extra person now!


In May of 2018, Shelfie Shoppe launched a successful Kickstarter campaign. It was so exciting! Shelfies are hand made in the bay area of California out of the most luxurious of fabrics. Each piece is sent to you with love!

Thanks for your interest in Shelfie Shoppe.

Stay Cozy!