See Shelfies in action!

What Makes Shelfies Unique?

Shelfies are released in EXCLUSIVE, SMALL BATCH COLLECTIONS, each unique from the last but always including Shelfie's best features:

~ our soft, cozy SHELF BRA with gentle support, separation, and the perfect thickness for coverage without bulk

~ luxuriously soft, premium FABRIC

~ our unique VARIETY of fun PRINTS and beautiful SOLIDS


~ TAGLESS LABELS for maximum coziness

~ small handmade, runs which allows for EXQUISITE QUALITY


Like Butter!


The dress is made with this thick, butter soft fabric that is so luxuriously stretchy! It flatters my figure without being too tight anywhere, and truly does make me feel as though I could be wearing a nightgown while looking really cute and put together. I love the little detail near the neckline, and feel as though this is really an all-season, multifunction piece—my favorite for a minimalist wardrobe! It is thick enough to wear with a crop hoodie or blazer in colder months and all by itself in warmer months, pair it with sandals, boots, or tennis shoes, and you have a really simple, functional, classic outfit...AND YOU DON’T EVEN HAVE TO WEAR A BRA!! **angels singing**


Breast Cancer SUCKS!


Having a double mastectomy due to breast cancer 18 years ago changed my life tremendously! Luckily it was caught early and I didn't need anything more than a double mastectomy! I am thankful and know I was lucky. I don't want to sound as if I'm complaining but nothing feels or fits right after a mastectomy. Its an awkward feeling, one I can't really explain. That is why I'm writing this review as FINALLY I have a place for my girls to call home. They aren't squashed into a bra or dangling free. They are sitting on the shelf happy as can be!

My plastic surgeon explained to me that women who want to keep their girls perky as they age should keep them gals in a bra as much as possible.... has something to do with gravity and all that stuff! The problem is finding something that is comfortable and "girl" friendly! I've tried them all, and I've made do with what is out there!!

This Hi-Lo is the way to go! What a brilliant idea! If you know someone who is or has battled breast cancer and are looking for that special gift, you just found it!!!


Comfy loungewear!


I received two dresses and both were so soft I didn’t even have to wash them before wearing them. The material is like butter. I slept in my dress and it was heaven! Great product!


Flattering and comfortable


Well made and soft, these {leggings} are conducive to sleep and provide coverage enough so walking to my neighborhood mailbox and running to the store was not a concern. Material is thick enough to be appropriate for being in public. The pocket is deep and wide enough for a Max size phone.


Style and comfort


I got my Shelfies! I love the cozy feel. The fabric is Very good quality and stretchy. What a great idea Joanne!! Inside or in public I will feel covered. I'm avery happy customer. I will pass on your website.



Wonderful clothes so cute and comfortable. Great if you have had reconstructive breast surgery from cancer.