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Curious to Know Shelfies Compare to JJ Winks and Other Built In Bra Brands?

We ladies are very particular about our shelf bras. I am so particular that I started my own brand! So I thought it’d be helpful for those who like to really do their homework to read a side by side comparison of Shelfie Shoppe and JJ Winks.

A little side note. I came up with Shelfies in the spring of 2017. I worked feverishly to get them to market for years, but it was slow going for many reasons. I created Shelfies because at the time there was NOTHING similar available. I’d done google searches often and couldn’t find anything but camis or slinky lingerie! When I presented my idea to a fashion consulting firm that helps startups, I was encouraged to hear that my idea was unique and exciting. By the time I came to market with my designs, JJ Winks had beat me to it. When I first learned of this, my heart sank. BUT! There is room in the market for all of us, and we do offer very different features.

In the name of market research, I purchased a long-sleeved top from JJ Winks. I needed to see what my competition was offering. I purchased a Full Moon Top and will compare it to Shelfie Shoppe’s Long Sleeved Hi Lo Top.

The Comparison

The Fabric

Both brands are made with really soft fabric with nice stretch. Shelfie Shoppe’s fabric is slightly thicker. The sleeve cuffs of Shelfie’s top are doubled up and therefore don’t get stretched out like JJ Wink’s sleeves do. This bugs me, as I push up a long sleeve to wash my hands, do dishes, etc, and I don’t like sleeves that get baggy and won’t stay put.

Overall look

JJ Winks has a LOT of pleating at the neckline. This is what the styles rely on for nipple coverage, as the shelf bra is just a second layer of fabric with no cup. This is less flattering to me because it adds visual bulk where I’m already bulky. I could see this being a positive for those with small tops, but for me, it looks sloppy. JJ Winks has a more flowy overall look whereas Shelfie Shoppe has a more structured overall look.

The Shelf Bra

Shelfie Shoppe’s shelf bra contains two separate, sewn-in bra cups with just enough thickness to lend nipple coverage without adding bulk. This also creates a more flattering, separated look. The bottom edge of the shelf bra is made of plush-backed elastic which is super soft on the skin. JJ Wink’s shelf bra is made of the same fabric as the outer tee without any cups. Mine fits loose enough that it provides no support (this may be a sizing issue), and it also offers nothing for nipple coverage. The bottom edge is made of elastic encased in a satiny trim.

The Price

The current price at the time of this writing for JJ Wink’s Full Moon Top is $124 plus shipping. Shelfie Shoppe’s Long Sleeved Hi Lo Top is currently $82 with free shipping.

Other Brands to Evaluate

JJ Winks is the only other shelf bra loungewear I have tried, but a quick Google search shows that JuJuJams offers a similar top priced more comparably to Shelfie Shoppe. The shelf bra appears to be made out of super thin, almost transparent fabric that looks somewhat like swimsuit lining with a drawstring at the bottom edge. Shebird also has similar tops. The inner bra looks more like it has a sports bra fit (and is called "shapewear"), and the cups are removable, which is a laundry nightmare and requires manual dexterity that I don’t possess to wiggle and finagle the cup back to its proper position with every wash.


If you are looking for shelf bra loungewear with good support and nipple coverage, you can’t beat Shelfie Shoppe! If you are looking for more minimal coverage at a higher price tag, JJ Winks is your store. Honorable mention to JuJuJams and SheBird. And if you’ve read this far, thanks so much!!! Your reward is a coupon code for 15% off anything at Shelfie Shoppe (even our Super Cute Slippers)! Just use code COMPARE at checkout or click here to have the discount automatically applied.

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