10 Reasons Your Pajamas, Loungewear, Cozy Clothes, and Nighties Should Have Shelf Bras


  1. The doorbell. Sometimes, it rings. Don't you hate it when your just milling about at home in your cozy clothes and no bra, minding your own business, and someone has the GAUL to ring your doorbell? You look down and think, “Well, someone is about to get an eyeful!” If your pajamas had shelf bras, doorbell dread could be less of a thing!

  2. School drop-off. I KNOW I'm not the only one who sometimes thinks,”Well, if we leave now, we may actually not be late. But I'm still in my pajamas. Oh, I'm sure I won't have to get out of the car...” Eventually, you get caught.

  3. Ice cream. Sometimes we have a sudden need for ice cream and have already ditched the bra for the day. Just because you want ice cream doesn't mean you have the spark to re-don your real clothes.

  4. Hormonal breast tenderness. When I was pregnant, my boobs HURT! Especially when I rolled over in bed. I would have slept SO much better with a shelf bra! I wore an actual bra to bed. It was a bummer.

  5. Sleepovers. I LOVE when my kids have friends sleep over. They have so much fun! The laughter. The SNACKS! But I used to dread not being able to change into my cozy clothes until they went to bed. I wanted to ditch the jeans and underwire bra, but I didn't want to make the kids feel uncomfortable. Now that my pajamas have shelf bras, I can RELAX even with guests in the house.

  6. Sons. I don't have any, but many do. I have a girlfriend who tells me that at a certain stage, they stare.

  7. Mirrors. I just look better with a little coverage, support, and separation. And I do catch a glimpse of myself from time to time. Because, mirrors.

  8. Containment. I'm just going to say it. Bra free, sometimes a boob finds its way into my armpit in the night. Shelf bras prevent that awkward phenomenon.

  9. The mailbox. It's waaaaay out there on the street. And chances are, you have a few neighbors.

  10. The step goal. Sometimes I look at my fitbit and realize that despite the fact that I've changed into my pajamas, there's no way the step goal is getting reached without going for a walk. The shelf bra takes away one of my 67 excuses.

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